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February 29, 2012


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wow, this is great! i'll try it...

Sarah Major

Great, Rachel! Hope your kids enjoy and learn quickly!


oh thank you so much.. simply beautiful... though I had a vague idea myself what prepositions were but could use them aptly... I did not know how to explain it to my students... this really makes the learning process fun and interesting!!!

Sarah Major

Thanks for commenting! and have fun with this!


I am tutoring a Japanese adult who is having trouble with this concept. Thanks for some good suggestions

Sarah Major

Gayle, thanks for commenting and let me know how it goes!


Thanks for the idea ) That is what i was looking for. I will try it out with my kids tomorrow )
thanks )

Sarah Major

Have fun!!!


Thanks for a great idea.
It's very helpful.
I'll try it.


Great idea! Can't wait to try out with my class of 4th graders. Please!!! post how to teach prepositions related to time.

jayita jana

the idea is excellent and very useful for children to grasp them easily


helped me for my seminar! ty

grace anne

I have done the above mention activities and it was so awesome, the children were so excited and they loved it so much.


these activities are wonderful thanks
post me for time


Excellent, I was in a panick I am 12 years of age in 6th class and we are getting a huge test tommorow of; nouns,verbs,adjectives,pronouns,adverbs, prepositions,conjuctions,interjections and something else I can't remember lol. Thanks for the help the info will be quite useful. Once again thanks and have a great day.


sarah major

I am so happy to hear you found this to be helpful! We will have to post more on parts of speech! I hope you did well!


Great Idea! Thank you...


I have an autistic child that I am teaching and have been trying to teach him preposition for him to understand it,I will try out this method.Thanks a lot.

sarah major

You are so welcome! I trust your child will enjoy this activity and learn by it as well.

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