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April 21, 2011


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Love the ideas. I will try them in my class. Thank you:)

Sarah Major

Have fun with this! The kids love to act the stories out!


Excellent!this is what i want the way to explain the digraphs in my class

Erika Mehlhaff

I wish I could do something like this for my child, whom I homeschool. Of all of my children, she is the only one who has had trouble with sounds--speaking AND hearing them correctly! Unfortunately, in my state there are no services for her as a homeschooled child; and the services worth their weight are an hour away (at least)!

sarah major

Check out other teaching tips on this blog for ideas you can do with your child that might not even be used were she serviced by public schools. Many of the helps in school are going to be the traditional approaches she is already struggling with. You have an advantage being able to work with her at home! Use our alphabet products that use story, body motion, and visuals to help cement not only the sound of each letter, but also tie the shape of the letter to the sound. Look at the top right of this page and click on the Alphabet tab. Hope this helps!


The link for the download is not working. I really would like to use these in my classroom. Please tell me where I can get the digraph stories!


Thanks so much for letting us know! It should be working now!

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