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May 10, 2010


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I just 'randomly' heard of the Gregorc learning styles in a lecture i was listening to today. I had never heard of them, so paused the lecture, did a web search, and after landing on a few sites and determining I was a Concrete Random learner, primarily, I clicked on your site and read the above article. I had to laugh b/c it described me to a T as a child (and now haha)...too bad 40 years ago no one had been practicing this in the classroom :-)

Sarah Major

Thanks for reading and for your comment!


I am 22 and was in my class today when my instructor told me about learning styles and explained random learning styles to me. This is myself exactly. My instructor and I talked a little about how most schools don't or won't cater to learning styles. It's kind of molded a certain way and random learners just don't fit that mold. They should teach learning styles more in public schools so more people will know of them and be able to further progress our education system.


You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately our schools cater to left-brain, sequential, concrete learners and this pretty much leaves the others out, who are in the majority. There are most definitely ways to successfully reach other learners and that is why our company exists - to create materials and provide information to parents, students, and teachers and to support them in any way we can.

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