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March 30, 2010


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Joy Harper

Great post!

Sarah Major

Thanks, Joy ;) thanks for reading!

Martha Biery

Okay, I need to hear your ideas about how to teach these kids who haven't learned to read.
I have been a teacher of kids with reading problems for years - each one is different and respond to different techniques. Lots of mixing and matching going on. Phonics, sight words, the whole ball of wax. Individually
designed remediation appears to be the most effective approach from my experience.

Sarah Major

I'd love to hear more from you about what some of your successful strategies have been, so feel free to email me from our website; i will get it and answer myself. http://www.child-1st.com
There will be three more posts coming on this topic; but in a nutshell my feeling is that many kids who struggle need multiple avenues into the brain, so they must have visuals, some need a body motion, some need something like a story or jingle to connect the concept they are learning with a memory prompt. We've worked really hard to include all those elements in our products so that they will help a variety of learners. Those who don't need the body motion just don't focus on that, for instance.
Would love to hear from you.

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